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Troubleshooting SAP Workflow

Troubleshooting SAP Workflow

Administration and Troubleshooting

I have updated the agent assignment, but the agents still don't receive the work items.

The organization buffers must be refreshed. This occurs daily at midnight by default - and you can't change that time. Transaction SWU_OBUF lets you refresh the buffers immediately. Also, check and make sure that the agents you have assigned are possible agents of the task.

Help! Why am I getting the error 'No Administrator found'?

This is another symptom of the org buffers being out of sync. Basically you have made an organizational change that is incompatible with the previous state. When executing the work item it gets confused with the old (buffered) and new org data. As above, SWU_OBUF should reset all buffers.

How can I temporarily disable a workflow in production?

Event linkage is a transportable object, thus there is no way to simply 'switch off' a workflow. Simply switching off a Workflow may even have legal implications since Workflow provides an important audit function, and being able to disable it defeats that purpose.
All is not lost however: If you have a workflow that requires this feature, you could include a start condition that always fails and only enable it when you want to disable the workflow.

Help! A runaway workitem has gone to all users for approval!

This usually occurs if the set of 'possible agents' is very large - usually because the task has been classified as a 'General Task'. In general, if no 'responsible' agents can be found, the workitem is automatically sent to all 'possible' agents.
To solve this problem, reconsider whether using the 'General Task' classificiation is a good idea. Try to restrict the set of 'possible' agents to a sensible subset for all tasks.

How do I delete workflows?

Firstly: DON'T. OK, if you're in a development/QA system, there is a deletion report which you can find in the help. You didn't expect this FAQ to tell you what it is? No, it won't, just to make sure you read the SAP doco advisory on using this in production. Use archiving object WORKITEM instead. The report does exactly what you tell it to without question and will happily delete WI's out of the middle of a log and create other inconsistencies if don't know EXACTLY what you're doing. There's also the potential legal aspect: In these days of Sarbanes-Oxley and massive corporate scandals, finding such reports in the ABAP log will not make make any auditors happy.

Why is my mail not sent?

Symptom: You have a send mail step to send a mail to an internet address. It executes but the mail, never reaches it's destination. There are two areas where the problem can lie:
The first is that mails are sent using the WF-BATCH user. SAP will not send anything without a FROM address, so make sure that WF-BATCH has an email address maintained.
The other is a problem within SapConnect, maintained by Basis. An easy way to test is to send yourself an email (to your internet address) from the SAP Business Workplace. If you receive it then there's a problem with workflow, if not then contact your Basis team.

How can I forward another user's work item?

SWIA lets you perform and administrative forward on a dialog item if you have sufficient authorization. The forwarding action is recorded in the log.

How can I execute another user's work item?

As a user: The user who has the item in the inbox has to set up a substitute. The substitute can then process the other user's work items.
As an administrator: Transaction SWIA
Programmatically: Function module SAP_WAPI_EXECUTE_WORKITEM

How can I maintain a rule with responsibilities in production?

Use OOCU_RESP to maintain individual responsibilities in non-development systems.

Why does my background task remain in status STARTED/'In Process'?

The most likely cause is that the step doesn't complete. Check for short dumps (ST22) or test your method manually to investigate further.

Why is the number/date formatting different in emails sent from workflow?

For regular sendmail steps, emails are usually sent in background using userID WF-BATCH. Therefore you may see decimal commas instead of points or vice versa. Modify the user profile for WF-BATCH to adjust this.

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