SAP Workflow related Transaction codes, table and Function Modules

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SAP Workflow related Transaction codes, table and Function Modules

SAP Workflow related Transaction codes, table and Function Modules


SWO1 - Business Object Builder

SWDD - Workflow Builder

PFTC - General Task Maintenance

PFAC - Maintain Rule

SWUE - Create Event

SWU0 - Simulate event

SWE2 - Display/Maint. Event Type Linkages

SWETYPV - Type Linkages

SWEINST - Instance linkages

SCDO – Change documents: Overview

SWED - Change documents: Define workflow properties

SWEC - Change documents: Event Linkage

SWEL - Display Event Trace

SWELS - Switch Event Trace On/Off

RSWELOGD - Delete Event Trace

SWUS - Test Workflow

SWUI_VERIFY - Start Test Workflows

SWUD - Diagnosis

SWI1 - Work item selection for Tasks

SWU3 - Automatic Workflow Customizing

SWI2_FREQ - Work Item Analysis: Work Items Per Task

SWI2_DEAD - Work Item Analysis: Work Items With Monitored Deadlines

SWI2_DURA - Work Item Analysis: Work Items By Processing Duration

SWI11 – Task Analysis: Tasks in Workflows

SWI6 - Workflows for Object

SWU8 - WF Trace: On/off

SWU9 - WF Trace: Display

SWU10 - WF Trace: Delete

SWU4 - Consistency checks for Standard task

SWU7 - Consistency checks for Workflow template

SWE5 - Consistency checks for Event Linkages

SLG0 - Application Log: Object Maintenance

SLG1 - Application Log: Display Logs

SLG2 - Application Log: Delete logs

PPOCW - Organizational plan: Create

PPOMW – Organizational plan: Change

PPOSW - Organizational plan: Display

OOAW - Evaluation Paths

WE42 - Process codes, inbound

WE57 - Assignment Messages for Appl. Objs

BD67 - Maintain methods (inbound)


SWD_HEADER - WF Definition/Runtime: Basic Data (PFTC-WF Template Attributes)

HRS1201 - Standard Infotype 1201 (SAP) Object Method (PFTC-Task Attributes)

HRS1203 - Standard Infotype 1203 (SAP) Executable Functions (PFAC-Rule maintenance)

SWDSMNODES - WF Definition: Nodes

TETYT - Workflow editor: Node types (texts)

SWD_STEPS - WF-Definition/Runtime: Steps

SWDSSTEPS - WF Definition: Steps

T100W - Assign Messages to Workflow

SWDSBINDEF - WF Definition: Bindings

SWD_BINDEF - WF Definition/Runtime: Bindings

SWD_WFCONT - Workflow definition: Container

SWOTDQ - Verb Parameters, Exceptions

SWOTLQ - Runtime Table Parameters, Exceptions

SWOTLV - Runtime Table Verbs


INCLUDE <cntn01>. - Include for Container Macros

Function Modules:

SWE_EVENT_CREATE_IN_UPD_TASK - Generate an event (public) (for workflows) in UPDT

SWE_EVENT_CREATE - Generate an event (public) (for workflows)

RH_GET_ACTORS - Resolve Role(Returns agents who will execute a WI of a Task/WF)


RSWEMC01 - Processing Program for Creating Events from Output Control (medium = 9)

RSEIDOCA - Active IDoc Monitoring as of Release 6.10

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