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What is SAP ABAP

What is SAP ABAP


SAP stands for Systems Applications Products.

SAP is an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) package. ERP is not just a software…but a complete business solution integrated across the entire value chain which creates an information infrastructure for efficient planning and effective execution.



ABAP stands for Advanced Business Application Programming. Its a programming language on which SAP software is built and customers use this language to build their custom applications.

  • R/3 applications are written in the ABAP programming language, and run within the application layer of the R/3 System.
  • ABAP programs communicate with the database management system of the central relational database (RDBMS), and with the graphical user interface (SAPGUI) at presentation level.
  • ABAP programs are objects of the R/3 Repository. Like all other Repository objects, you maintain them using an ABAP Workbench Tool.
  • To open ABAP programs directly from the tool ABAP Editor, select the menu path Tools -> ABAP Workbench ->Development -> User Interface -> ABAP Editor from the SAP menu of SAP Easy Access (or start Transaction SE38). If you want to change a program using this method, you must already know its name and environment.
  • This procedure is only suited for maintaining or creating relatively simple or short programs, which have few or no additional components. It is better to access ABAP programs through Tools -> ABAP Workbench -> Overview -> Object Navigator from the SAP menu of SAP Easy Access (or start Transaction SE80).

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