SAP – Sales and Distribution - Maintain Pricing Report – Lesson 9

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SAP – Sales and Distribution - Maintain Pricing Report – Lesson 9

SAP – Sales and Distribution - Maintain Pricing Report – Lesson 9


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In this configuration screen layout for Pricing reports can be created. Pricing reports as explained are used to analyse condition records maintained in system and also get a detailed account of records created.

There are standard reports predefined in system based on the condition tables that are exist in system. For new condition tables a new report needs to be created.

Here we will create a Pricing report for condition records based on Customer & Material. There are two tables ‘912 & 990’ created here having those fields. These will be used as inputs for this report to be created.


Follow Menu Path: IMG –> Sales and Distribution –> Basic Functions –> Pricing –> Maintain Pricing Report.

1. Click clip_image001

Following pop-up is displayed

Pricing Report

clip_image003clip_image004Click on and click on

  Pricing Report

Enter a two-character code for ‘Price List’ other than ones already created.

Title – Enter the description for the Pricing report.

  Pricing Report

Press clip_image008

Pricing ReportFollowing screen is displayed

Here List of all fields with technical names are displayed which are used in Sales & Distribution module.

The fields, which are available in the Tables and required in report, are to be selected here.

Select fields Customer, Material, Sales Organization, and Distribution Channel & Division.

By clicking on clip_image011 system selects all tables having atleast one of the fields selected.

By clicking on clip_image012, system selects the tables containing all of the fields selected.

Here Click on clip_image012[1]

  Pricing Report

The tables 912 and 990 created earlier contain these fields hence are displayed here.

Select entries and click on clip_image015

Pricing Report

Field Name

Field Description and Value

Field Name

Field name of field selected from table is displayed here.


Here selection for position of field in report

to be displayed is done. Following options are available

The fields from tables are transferred here. Following fields are maintained:


1 – Used for fields to be displayed at Page Header like Sales Organization

2 – Used for Group Header like Customer etc.

3 – Used for item level fields of pricing


Used for sort sequence of fields to be displayed at same level especially item if required.


Determines if in output field value appears with its descriptive text or not. Following options are available:



Mark this if you require field in selection of report to be created


Mark this field if field entry is mandatory in report to be created.

Additional default values for selection screen can be selected as required.

Pricing ReportClick on clip_image022

Following message is displayed clip_image023


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