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MM – Material Management

Key terms and their significance. CompanySmallest organizational unit for which individual financial statements can be drawn up according to the relevant commercial law.A company can consist of one or more company codes. All company codes within a company must use the same transaction chart of acco... [More]

SD – Transactions

  Inquiry –> Transaction VA11 - This document describes the process for creating a sales inquiry. An inquiry is the first step in the order cycle and allows for fasterentry and storage of sales related information used for sales order processing.  Inquiries can be entered from scratch o... [More]

SD–Sales Order Cycle

The sales order cycle is the process of taking a customer’s sales order, delivering the sales order to the customer, and billing the customer for the sales order. Information (transaction data) about each step of the sales order cycle is stored as a document in SAP (Sales Order, Delivery, and Billing Document are Sales and Distribution documents).




SAP Modules – SD, MM, PP, QM, PM, FI, CO

All business processes throughout the supply chain are INTEGRATED & executed on a common system sharing all information in SAP. Open the article to learn more on each of the module - SD, MM, PP, FI-CO, QM, PM and their integration.