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Finance (FI) Tables

SAP FI tables and functionality [More]

Bill of Materials

  CS01 - Create Material BOM The goal of the transaction Create Material BOM is to create a str [More]

SAP MM Stock Transfer Types

Physical stock transfer can occur at three different levels: Company code to company code Plant to [More]

Warehouse Documents

Physical v Document Flow Transfer Requirement Document used to plan and initiate stock movements [More]

MM–Master Data Transactions

LS01N - Create Storage Bin Manually LS02N - Change Storage Bin LS03N - Display Storage Bin LS10 - [More]

Batch Determination

Batch - A quantity of a specified product manufactured, filled or packaged under near identical cond [More]

Standard Outbound Delivery Process

When goods are shipped from outbound delivery, the following is the process. Goods Issue usually [More]

Inventory and Warehouse Management

  Warehouse Management Warehouse management (WM) provides flexible automated support to assist in processing all goods movement and in maintaining current stock inventories in a warehousing complex. Helps define and manage complex warehousing structures. Assists in processing of goods receip... [More]