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Web Dynpro User Interface Elements (UI elements)

The UI elements we can use in the Web Dynpro ABAP are divided in various categories.In this chapter, we are going to present some of the UI elements, included in the categories:action, selection,layout, complex, graphic and integration. Each UI element will be illustrated by an example,showing the m... [More]

SAP Web Dynpro – Generic APIs (Window Manager, Message Manager…)

IF_WD_CONTROLLER contains the functionality available for all controllers. Thus, this interface is embedded in the interfaces IF_WD_VIEW_CONTROLLER and IF_WD_COMPONENT. Except for the View Controller, which has no public interface, the wd_get_api() is defined in the public interface of all the cont... [More]

Web Dynpro - Example of Tree Control

  Web Dynpro Component “DemoTree” explains how to display a Tree control.   Insert Tree UI [More]