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SAP– Material Management–Warehouse Management–Interview Questions

  1. What are the various types of master data in MM module? MM Module contains the following manufacturing master data, Material master Vendor Master Purchase info record Source List (not a mandatory) 2. What is purchasing group? Purchasing group identifies the buyer responsible to procure m... [More]

SAP – Sales and Distribution – Shipping – Lesson 15

In this lesson we will see what is Shipping point, Shipping Condition, Loading Group, Picking, Packing, Storage Condition, Material Group, Handling Units, Goods Issue, Reverse Good issue and how to configure [More]

SAP – Sales and Distribution – Text control – Lesson 12

Text is required by the business to display texts on various outputs in sales order, delivery and billing. Text can be maintained manually in the sales document or can be referenced and copied from previous sales document. [More]